Selecting the Top 10

At The Denture Clinic Directory we developed an application with a unique algorithm to assist us in calculating our top 10 lists for each location.

Want your business considered for a top 10 list? Add it to our directory and it will be considered automatically in our next top 10 update!

We use many factors in our algorithm including:

Better Business Bureau

Various metrics pulled from the BBB including years in business and rating.

User Reviews

An averaged score based on user reviews from various sources including Yelp, Google and Facebook.


Number and type of awards, memberships and affiliations.


Degree of specialization in the given industry.

Services Description

Accuracy and depth of description of services and or products.

Hours of Operation

Days open, hours per day, evening hours, weekend operation, etc.


Accessibility and convenience relative to the clinic’s locale.

Contact Information

The depth, detail and accuracy of easily accessible contact information.

Social Media Presence

Found on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Website Security

Encryption, relevant privacy policy, data usage transparency, etc.


Add your clinic to our directory and it will be considered in our next top 10 update!


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